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Medical Abortion Side Effects

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For safe abortion methods contact Dr. Deepika Doshi one of the renowned doctor in Borivali and Kandivali for abortion procedures. Abortion has the following side effects:

Medical Abortion Side Effects

Haemorrhage: Haemorrhage requiring a blood transfusion affects less than one in every 1,000 women. Seek immediate medical attention if you are filling more than two large pads each hour for more than two hours, passing clots the size of a small lemon, or if you are bleeding heavily and feeling weak or faint.

Retained Products: – tissue fragments that remain in the womb and cause continuous bleeding To remove them, you may need to take more medications or undergo a minor surgical procedure.

Continued Pregnancy: In about 1% of cases, pharmaceutical abortion fails and the woman remains pregnant. If the pregnancy is less than nine weeks, the tablets can be repeated; otherwise, a surgical abortion may be required.

Infection (requiring antibiotic therapy): This occurs in 1% of women who undergo a medication abortion. Infection can result in symptoms such as discomfort, irregular vaginal discharge, and fever. Sometimes the symptoms are subtle and involve more general symptoms such as fatigue, diarrhoea, and vomiting.